Why You Must Book The Greece Beaches Resorts For Memorable Holidays

You can find the most magnificent and spectacular luxury beach resorts everywhere all over the world that make you happy with the amazing services and cost-effective rates. If you have saved a lot of money for the last few months and wish to enjoy your vacation in a lovely destination very badly, then it is very important for you to book the reputed resort in the beautiful Greece.

Are you planning a vacation this summer with your spouse? Still thinking about the location and the best hotels that make your holidays memorable? If yes, then take a great decision after gathering the appropriate information. This online process is not a very difficult and stressful affair. You just only need a computer system with a full speed internet connection to book different hotels in a hassle free manner.

Astir Odysseus Kos Greece Beaches Resorts were established in 2009 with the aim to offer amazing accommodation in the entire Tingaki area. This is just 5 km away from the historic center and from the international airport, thus you don’t have to worry about anything. Their executive and well-constructed suites covered 48 sq.m., area with two separate spaces very beautifully that make you happy with the sea front and an endearing garden view. While booking these in advance, you will get the benefits of 24×7 room service & other amenities that includes Wi-Fi Internet connection, telephone & satellite TV LCD facility, air-conditioning unit, safe box, bathroom amenities and laundry service.

You can book Standard Double Rooms, Junior Suites, Executive Suites, Maisonetes Suites, Sharing Pool Rooms & Suites and much more. They maintain a good reputation among the people by rendering both awesome facilities and Luxury Accommodation Kos services. Owing to the discreet luxury, on time unlimited hospitality service and the high elegance combined with the contemporary comfort, people usually book these for fantastic experience at the end. However, if you have plenty of money and wish to experience a luxurious lifestyle throughout the holidays, then they offer the best accommodation solutions that you need.

By staying in their luxurious resorts, you will be able to experience Greece’s wonderful sights, beaches, fantastic culture and natural beauty. While spending your Holidays Tingaki Kos, people explore the beauty of small beaches that are surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and palm forest trees. If you are planning to book their reports for your weddings & honeymoon, then their professionals will give you the every single detail that you need before the final booking.

Mandalay and Bagan Among The Fascinating Destinations To Add To A Stay In Yangon

A stay in Yangon holds much fascination and appeal in itself, yet there is also much more of Myanmar to discover beyond the country’s largest city and main international gateway, in destinations like Mandalay and Bagan.

A stay in Yangon is surely a must on any trip to Myanmar, with its intriguing historical sights, bustling city pace of life and accommodation choice that includes some of the finest colonial hotels in Asia – such as The Strand Yangon built in 1901 and Belmond Governor’s Residence dating from the 1920s – alongside three to five star Yangon hotels.

A must-see attraction in Yangon is the spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda, built some 2,500 years ago and which can be seen on the city’s skyline for miles around. This and many other fascinating sights and sounds are found throughout the city, and when it’s time to venture further afield into Myanmar, Mandalay is a great choice.

The country’s second largest city and the last royal capital of Burma, Mandalay is around 440 miles north of Yangon. With a population of one million, it is an economic hub and considered the centre of Burmese culture. Various elements of tradition and culture can be seen in Mandalay, which is also known as the ‘cycling city’ due to the preference of many of the citizens here to travel by bike.

Air Mandalay, Air Bagan and Yangon Airways all operate daily flights between Yangon and Mandalay, some of these direct services and others one-stop. Myanmar Airways International has a once weekly service, on a Thursday.

Also, Thai carriers Bangkok Airways and Thai AirAsia both offer daily direct flights linking Mandalay with the Thai capital Bangkok.

As part of plans to develop Myanmar’s airport infrastructure, Mandalay International Airport is to be transformed into a logistics hub with the aim of creating direct transportation of goods to and from other countries in Asia and Europe. The Ministry of Transport has a long-term vision and strategy to turn Myanmar into a major passenger and cargo aviation hub for the ASEAN region. The country’s geographical location places it within range of non-stop flights from all continents except the Americas.

Just over 430 miles to the north of Yangon is Bagan, where the enchanting landscape offers over 2,000 temples and stupas. The pagodas here are mostly covered in reddish colour and religious monuments found in the area were built more than 1,500 years ago.

Different modes of transportation are available to explore this fascinating destination, be it by car, horse cart or bicycle. An idyllic sunset boat trip can also be enjoyed along the Ayeyarwaddy River, taking in the sunset while sipping on a cool drink.

Air Mandalay, Air Bagan and Yangon Airways also operate daily flights between Yangon and Nyaung U (Bagan), some of these direct and others one-stop.

Daily flights are also available between Mandalay and Bagan.

Myanmar’s tourism performance is surging, with the destination welcoming a record 2 million plus foreign visitors for the first time in 2013. It recently announced a target of 3 million foreign tourists for 2014 and 5 million for 2015.

Foreign investment is also seeing a boost, including in the accommodation sector with new hotels in Myanmar adding to room supply. Local media has reported that out of 960 hotels granted operating licenses across Myanmar since July 2013, 302 have opened in Mandalay and 238 in the Yangon Region. The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism indicated 48 new hotels in Myanmar were due to open in coming months, accounting for a 37,024 room boost in room inventory.

How to Save Money on a Theatre Break in London

Have you ever seen those special offers in the back of newspapers, or on social networks that offer you a set price for a trip to London? They include tickets to a show, transport and a room at a hotel.

If you have ever seen them then you will know that they are very tempting and they seem too good to be true. Whilst they are good offers, you can get the same package for a lot cheaper if you book your own.


The thing about the offers is that they do include transport, but it is not the transport method that you are probably expecting. A lot of people will expect to travel to London by train these days. It is quick and on a lot of routes, you can get to London without stopping and changing trains.

However, with these so-called special offers, your transport will be by bus and it can take hours to get to London. They do have train tickets but you have to upgrade and pay extra for them, and the supplement cost is not cheap.

Therefore, you can get train tickets a lot cheaper if you book the train tickets yourself. You just have to find the website for the train company and book them online.

Ticket companies have their tickets online a few months early. Some have them available 3 months early. Furthermore, when you book the tickets early, you can save a lot of money on the tickets, with economy tickets being less than �30 for a return ticket, depending where you are in the country.


You might think that you won’t be able to get tickets to plays without buying the package deal, but that would be a false assumption. You can get tickets on specialist websites and some of them offer tickets at reduced prices.

If you aren’t sure what show that you want to see, you can wait until you are actually in London and go to a ticket booth to buy the tickets. These booths are located all over London, with the most popular one being in Leicester Square.

Sometimes you will get cheaper tickets from these booths and sometimes you will have to pay over the odds, it all depends on the show that you want to see. For more popular shows, you will have to go into a lottery to see if you can get tickets.

If all else fails, you can just go to the theatre itself and see it there are any tickets left at the box office. Depending on the show, the box office might have sold out though.


Now with the ticket packages, you can get a nice hotel, but it will be in the middle of nowhere. You would have to be very lucky to get a hotel that is in the middle of all the tourist attractions.

So, you will be better off finding a hotel yourself and booking one in the middle of town. That way you will save money on the cost of trains in and out of London.

If you book the hotel yourself, you will probably find a cheaper hotel that is in the middle of all the tourist attraction. Just don’t restrict yourself to 4-star hotels because they are very expensive. 2-star hotels and even hostels will offer you amazing value for money on accommodation that is in the middle of London.

Tips To Buy Js Boutique Dresses

When someone goes in for JS boutique dresses, it usually is because of the high quality and wide selection that one might be able to stumble upon. Hence, you might be wondering about going in for one yourself, or maybe even to gift to someone special. However, this might not be possible if you take into account all the different things that go into these dresses. Some common areas of concern include the price tag and also availability. If everything works out like how it is supposed to, then you shouldn’t really be too worried about getting what you want.

Setting a Budget

The best part about going in for JS boutique dresses is that you have quite a wide price range to pick from. Hence, you don’t have to be dejected if you don’t get what you want at first. Eventually, you should find it relatively simple and straightforward to get exactly what you set out for. Browse through the catalog and get a feel of the options for yourself to decide on what it is that you would probably want to go in for. This should also give you a good idea about the price and what to expect when you do pick something.

Deciding Where to Buy

Once you have the price in mind, the next thing of concern would probably have to be regarding where to buy these things. This shouldn’t be a problem either, since you have multiple options to pick from in this regard as well. One of the most common places that people tend to go to would be the internet. There are online stores that are dedicated in providing quality JS boutique dresses at very affordable prices. You should perhaps go in for one of these options if you intend to save money without compromising on the quality.

Kempinski Hotels To Offer Deluxe Kenya Holidays At New Hotel And Luxury Tented Camp

Kempinski Hotels will be launching two new accommodation options later this year after partnering with Simba Hospitality to open a five star hotel in Nairobi and a luxury tented camp in Maasai Mara.

Europes oldest hotel chain will be making its debut in the market of Kenya holidays and both venues are scheduled to open at the end of 2012.

The Villa Rosa Kempinski will be located in Nairobi’s Westlands and will have 200 guest rooms and several lavish suites including two Presidential Suites.

Olare Mara Kempinski will be situated in the Olare Orok Conservancy in the Maasai Mara, a game reserve in south-western Kenya which is popular for travellers going on African safaris.

The President of Kempinski Hotels, Reto Wittwer, said: “Traditions don’t require hundreds of years. Of course we are privileged to have historical buildings in other places, but traditions are created and overtime become iconic. In the next 20 or thirty years, we will have to create tradition in the Kenyan local environment.”

Simba Hospitality will spend $35million on the construction of the newest additions to Kenya hotels and luxury camps and travellers will be able to enjoy the luxury of the Kempinski brand throughout their holidays in Kenya.

The Tourism Assistant Minister of Kenya, Cecily Mbarire, welcomed the announcement of the new Kenya hotel and camp, and stated: “The coming in of these new hotels that have very high standards is going to be a challenge to other existing hotels to pull up their socks to be able to maintain some level of standard. If you are saying you are a Five Star hotel, and for example, you cannot be compared to Kempinski, then you have to think twice.

Kenya is a country located in East Africa, home to beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise Indian Ocean waters, and the majestic snow-capped Mount Kenya. During holidays to Kenya, tourists can enjoy an African safari in spectacular nature parks which are thriving with magnificent wildlife including giraffes, rhinos, lions, elephants, wildebeest and leopards.

In September this year, Kenya will host its first ever World Travel Awards Ceremony in the capital city of Nairobi. The WTAs Africa & Indian Ocean Ceremony 2012 will be taking place on 26th September and will honour the best travel associations, businesses, airlines, hotels, resorts and beaches in the region.