Jamaica Hotel Receives Nod From Expedia Inc.

Jewel Dunns River Beach Resort and Spa was recently named the Top Independent Hotel Partner of the Year by Expedia, Inc. at the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Associations (CHTA) Caribbean Marketplace. The hotel, owned by U.S. based hotel investment and management firm, Aimbridge Hospitality, received the honour at Expedias Partner Appreciation event held at the Marketplace which took place at the end of January 2012.

The CHTAs Marketplace brought together regional and international buyers, suppliers and marketing companies and has been described as the single most important event for Caribbean hotels and other stakeholders in the Caribbean tourism industry.

Forums like the Marketplace underscore the importance of partnerships between suppliers like Jewel Dunns River Beach Resort in Jamaica and buyers like Expedia, Inc. Michele Olivier, Regional Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Aimbridge Hospitality Resort Division noted the importance of the alliance with Expedia in not only promoting the hotel brand but in lifting the international profile of Jamaica holidays.

Were very pleased to be among Jamaicas elite hotel corpsHaving Expedia as a partner has certainly helped cement Jamaicas position around the globe as a top tourism destination. Wed also like to extend our congratulations to our colleagues. This is going to be a great year for Jamaica! noted Mr Olivier.

The beachfront Jewel Dunns River Beach Resort and Spa is the ideal spot for any couple planning to book romantic all-inclusive holidays in Jamaica. The recently renovated resort is ideally located nearby the romantic Dunns River Falls and is a leading hotel for couples planning a wedding or honeymoon in Jamaica.

In addition to a private beach, the Jewel boasts of tennis courts, a nine hole golf course, a spa and two beautiful pools where guests can sit back relax and enjoy dive-in movies late at night. The Jewel is not just for loved-up couples, it is also an ideal spot for anyone hoping to book adventurous Jamaica holidays near Ocho Rios. Ochi, as it is fondly called, has earned itself a reputation as one of the best destinations for thrill seekers with a host of hikes, water tours and rainforest based activities available.

The nod the Jewel has recently received from Expedia, one of the worlds most trusted travel sites, gives credence to its claim that it is one of the best all-inclusive Jamaica hotels and resorts for adults.

The Hotel Ivanhoe in Ferndale

Built in 1870, a visit to the Hotel Ivanhoe is a trip back in time. Originally named the Roberts Hotel after the original owner, it has since been renamed the Ferndale Hotel, Italian Swiss Hotel and finally Hotel Ivanhoe in the early 1900’s. The Ivanhoe once served as an official stagecoach stop and still welcomes visitors today with a 4-room hotel, lively bar and popular Italian restaurant. It holds the distinction as the oldest most westerly hotel in the lower 48. The owners have quite obviously put their hearts and souls into the restoration of the Ivanhoe in replicating a turn of the century hotel complete with antique furnishings, clawfoot tubs, period light fixtures and an original dual staircase. No expense was spared from the oversized base mouldings to the colorful ceiling medallions that add to its impressive elegance.

A stay at the Hotel Ivanhoe begins with an entrance into their rich Victorian lobby. Deep maroons and hardwoods are the backdrop for antique furnishings and gold accents. Historic pictures of the hotel adorn the wall behind the check-in counter where there’s an antique cash register. A white dual staircase is the focal point of the room which leads to the guest rooms on the second story. Like we do on many of our trips, we arrived without reservations so we could find the perfect place to stay without obligation. We were encouraged to view the available rooms before making our decision. As soon as we saw the first room we knew this was where we were staying. We only needed to find the one that suited us best. The room we chose faced the front of the hotel and included access to a street view balcony (the only hotel with this option on Main Street). The balcony would be a great option to have during popular Ferndale events like Victorian Christmas, the Kinetic Sculpture Race, parades and street fairs. Our room was spacious and featured all antique furnishings, high ceilings, sash weighted windows and beautiful floral quilt bedding. The walls were lavishly covered with Victorian wallpapers accented by dark, rich mouldings. Our private bathroom had plenty of room for a clawfoot tub, large armoire/vanity, pedestal sink and toilet. Modern room amenities included a flat screen TV, telephone, WiFi, coffeemaker and heater. All four guest rooms at the Ivanhoe are spacious and feature private baths.

From the hotel lobby, Old West swinging doors lead to a lively, upscale bar. The magnet of the room is an expansive 1875 redwood bar where we found some of the friendliest locals we’ve ever encountered. The walls of the bar are covered with historic pictures, antique firearms and other interesting knick knacks. The bar serves refreshing micro brews, an extensive wine selection and mixed drinks. Entertainment includes a big screen TV, resident juke box and occasional live entertainment on select nights. Another set of swinging doors leads to one of the best Italian restaurants in the county, if not the entire North Coast. The Hotel Ivanhoe Restaurant is the most popular dinner destination in town and fills with locals and visitors alike. This elegant restaurant welcomes patrons casually dressed in jeans to those in slacks and dresses. Many traditional Italian dishes are served including specialties like Chicken Cacciatore and Rissotto. We ordered two of the day’s specials; Steelhead with Penne Pasta and Chicken stuffed with Ricatta Cheese and Spinach. I was hooked by the side salad and reeled in by the Penne Pasta. This was the best Italian food we’ve encountered since North Beach in San Francisco. We couldn’t help but over indulge and eat just about everything on our plates. Fortunately, we were able to walk the town before returning to share a Hazelnut Cheesecake with port wine in the bar. As the restaurant closed down we found ourselves sharing the bar with most of the hotel staff including an owner, cook, bartender and servers from the restaurant. They were all gathered like family, laughing and chatting, discussing the day before heading off their separate ways for the night. Most have worked at the hotel for many years and had interesting backgrounds from being raised in Ferndale to transplants from the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The Hotel Ivanhoe Restaurant is only open for dinner but we found several great places for breakfast and lunch within easy walking distance.

Ferndale is located on the Lost Coast less than 30 minutes south of Eureka and 4.5 hours north of San Francisco. Also known as ‘The Victorian Village of Ferndale’, the town itself is a unique destination because of its large concentration of Victorian homes and businesses. Main Street offers several boutique shops, cafes and a community theatre. Nearby attractions include Centerville Beach, Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park, Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the Eel River Brewery and Loleta Cheese Factory. We’ve stayed at many historic hotels over the years including those in Gold Country. The Hotel Ivanhoe was definitely the most comfortable we’ve experienced in terms of cleanliness, convenience, friendliness and authenticity. Ferndale is our top pick for ‘must see’ town from Fort Bragg to the Oregon border and the Hotel Ivanhoe is our top pick for place to stay and dine in Ferndale.

Live in Manhattan for Less with Boutique Style Hotels

Is living in Manhattan in your heart? Unsure of how you’ll ever afford to make your dream come true with the out of this world prices for rentals in The Big Apple? Cheap apartments New York may not be the first thing you think of when considering Manhattan apartments, however thanks to boutique hotels Upper West Side Manhattan living in the heart of the city is possible without getting a third job just to pay the rent.

Calling a boutique style hotel home could be just what the doctor ordered. These hotels are designed like studio apartments, perfect for those looking for short-term housing. Students, businessmen, interns, even couples can find these hotels perfectly accommodating their needs. Hotels offer a kitchenette complete with full-size fridge, microwave, stove, living area, decorations and more. You will have everything that you need inside of your cheap apartments New York to live a comfortable life.

For one low price per month you can live in Manhattan next to the most popular attractions and facilities. Colleges and universities are nearby, just as clubs, dining, parks and more. Everything you need right at your disposal! Rent, utilities, cable TV, water- all of these cost are included in your monthly price.

There are no deposits or no credit checks required to call a boutique style hotel your temporary home. A small application fee and reservation fee and you are ready to move into your fully furnished apartment in the middle of it all! Rent your place for one month or 12 months. It is all your decision when renting boutique hotels Upper West Side as a studio apartment.

Many people are discovering how much more affordable it is to call a boutique hotel and have enjoyed living comfortably in a prime location. You could be the next to make these discoveries but you must make the first move! Take a look at the various boutique hotels, their rates, location and amenities. You will find something that suits your needs!

Hotel 99 is an excellent choice for those looking for cheap apartments NYC. This boutique style hotel offers extended-stay living in the heart of Manhattan, providing everything an individual requires to live. Fully decorated rooms offer flat panel TV, king-sized, comfortable beds, modern deco, spacious living area, kitchenettes, Wi-Fi and so much more, all at an amazingly low price that you will not find anywhere else.

Hotel WiFi with Superb Internet Performance

A superb wifi hotel will be a place to stay that is equipped with latest machinery and technology to make the guests in connection with their friends and family when they are away from them. To avoid your customers booking loss, this is required to satisfy these customers easy communication and browsing demands by offering well equipped places to stay. It is up to hotel wifi now to make or-else break your hotel.

For years, a number of hotels all over the globe have presented quality high-speed facilities of internet access in order to make their guests comfortable in such places to stay. This demand is being satisfied by means of a wireless or wired connection. These days, the facility of wireless networking is a non-payment opportunity for the clients but you can be charged to make use of high speed internet. Though, several hotels still make available the facility of wired internet connection to their guests. But for excellent results, the trend of wifi is being increased day by day. This way to communicate and to be in touch is though expensive but provides a simple way to achieve the trust of guests.

In current time, the new generation most favorite and appealing devices are laptop, cell phone and tablets that can be connected via Wi-Fi. Hotels may increase their rates if customers will demand for this service but others; to attract more customers, can provide this facility for free with excellent signaling results for getting internet access perfectly. For a small base station, reasonably priced and straightforward to be configured wireless access points are available in markets. These will help you in creating a wireless network for your hotel use. These are okay for home and your small leveled hotel too but because of such set up portability facility, they are preferable solutions for connectivity for the everyday trekkers.

It is possible to transform a hotel into a hotel wifi with the use of a router that will offer signals with speed of 65 dBm. The WiFi access points have password options to logon, but sometimes certain addresses setup may not permit you to do so. That’s why; setup information should be corresponded to and compatible with the access points information. If setup is 802.11n along with the speed of 300Mbps, and you are trying password to-be utilized on the building’s ground floor. That might create problem for you. In fact for upper stories set-up should be 802.11b. The wifi-antennas being used on the upper stories should be huge for excellent results.

Internet Cafe provides all the features you need to run a successful gaming center or an Internet cafe. Internet Cafe software It does not annoy your customers with forced advertisements. It makes them enjoy and come back.

Things To Consider When Planning For A Hotel Reservation

Hotel reservations seem a bit complicated due to some reasons. Reasons for these complications might be because of the financial state, the place or the venue itself and even activities that you are planning to have if you are already in a vacation. There are times that we tend to get confuse on what to consider in order to solve this complications. But for some reasons, I have stated below things to consider in order to lessen complications from occurring.

As to financial, best option to do about this is to set up your budget from lodging, food and other expenses up to the last cent that you are going to spent when you went home from a vacation. Trip could be enjoyable without worrying to your money if you have settled your budget well. It is all about perfect planning and wise spending. Consider looking for the best deals in town when you are searching for a hotel to stay in. In short, look for a place that you think works for you and your family and is comfortable for all of you.
The hotel room also is another thing to consider. A room does not necessarily mean to be that expensive or luxurious. Choose for one that is comfortable for you but at reasonable price. But if you think you can afford it and that you have extra budget for that, then why deprived yourself of that.

Consider also the nearby folks or simply your neighborhood. Although this seems a bit obscure but consider thinking, what if the place you were living in where place of people who has bad records of not treating well neighborhoods. And to be sure and secure, be observant and check backgrounds of the place you are to stay, if you are roaming around the place of the hotel. It is okay to enjoy as long as you know that place is safe for you. We can never tell when accident will happen.

Supermarkets or nearby conveniences around the hotel is also advised to be given emphasis. Although hotels have that but the thing is, not everything could be bought there. So, it is better that you have the option to visit a market in case you have to buy something of which you cannot find in the hotel stores.

Remember always to consider these things that I have stated, for I am sure that these will surely help you out in deciding how to choose a bets place for you and your family.